How to cook a steak without a BBQ

Who knew?

Put the meat out of the fridge at room temperature (not in a hot room, just normal temperature) for 24 hours inside the vacuum packaging. Don’t take it out! It’s important you do this step to have the perfect result. If ur plans are to marinate or rub you can do this the last hour of room temp.

• On a large, very hot non-stick pan, add a bit of olive oil and put the steak in 3 minutes on each side. Don’t move or lift the steak after you place it. It needs to seal to trap the meat’s juices inside and moving it will difficult this process.

• Take it out the pan and put it on a metal rack to rest for 10 minutes.

• Let the pan to heat up again to the max and put the steak back in 2 minutes on one side.

• Flip the steak and add 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of butter. Continuously pour the resulting melted butter mixed with the meat juices over the top for another 2 minutes.

• Put it on a metal rack to rest for 5 minutes, covering it with some aluminum foil with three holes on it (so the vapor doesn’t condensate.)

• Cut in filets and sprinkle some good quality sea salt like fleur de sel or Maldon.